February Updates

February 1, 2023

Dear E-2 Families,

Following are some brief updates about our class; more will follow in the next couple of weeks. As always, please reach out with suggestions, concerns, and questions. My email is sseyan@sjusd.org; my contact phone is 408.535.6247 x 37143. I would also be more than happy to speak in person or via WebEx; just let me know!

Out Last Week

-In case you did not hear from your child, I was out sick all last week, along with a few of the students. 

-I did receive mixed reports from guest teachers last week, who recorded some behavior issues while also praising those students who stayed on task and were helpful. A general trend of inattention or disregard of instructions was also noted; this is something I deal with periodically and am addressing with the class.

Academics Until Winter Break, February 17th

-Writing: Multi paragraph informational essays, then a return to opinion writing with an emphasis on connecting evidence to a claim.

-Reading: Informational text of varying types, using Close Reading (preview, monitor, answer text dependent questions). Annotating as we read, taking notes accurately, and citing sources. 

-Math: Exploring relationships between division and multiplication problems, solving word problems, exploring metric measurement as a context for multiplication and division.

-Social Studies: Spanish settlement in California and beginning to study the missions; the culminating project is an informational paper on one of the California missions.

-Science: Module 3 titled, “Time Traveling Tour Guides” answers the question, “How have weathering and erosion sculpted some of Earth’s most interesting landscapes?”. 

-Social Emotional Learning: Second Step Unit 3 focuses on empathy and perspective taking. We have begun thinking about how different past experiences can shape very different points of view on the same issue or question-even among people who are very close!

More Class News:

-Students will take the Istation monthly assessment, called ISIP, this week.

Girls on the Run has plenty of room for more student sign ups! Please check Konstella, the weekly principal’s message, or email me for information. Some scholarships are available; please email me for more information.

-Reed will have Gold Rush Day in May this year; more information will follow in the coming months.

-Students are asking about exchanging Valentine’s Day cards this year. I have no issue with it and am happy to include a card exchange as long as every student gets a card, students sign but do not address their cards to other students, and there are no gifts or candy. (I know-where’s the fun?) If you would like to weigh in on this idea, please complete the online survey here: https://forms.gle/4RiZYZEJZ5SshAY19

There’s plenty going on, so expect more frequent communications in the coming weeks and months. 

Thank you,

Ms. Seyan

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