Lost Dog!

December 6, 2017

Below is a photograph of a dog lost in the Carson neighborhood last night. She is microchipped, but not wearing her collar. If you see her, would you please try to get her to a vet or shelter?

Thank you!

lost dog


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2 responses to “Lost Dog!

  1. Deborah Gonzalez de Robles

    I’ll keep my eyes open! I hope she finds her way home soon.

  2. Marika Berman

    From our Nextdoor: Kelsey Biscardi (Thomas), S Willow/Lincoln Glen
    Blond Chihuahua wondering Downtown WG
    Currently heading down Meredith away from Lincoln. Spotted him wandering tried to get him but he ran away 😦 sorry no photo.
    Posted at 2 pm on Wednesday 12/6

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