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About Our Word Work/Spelling This Year

Our class works with a spelling list weekly and reviews it with one or two activities in our homework the following week. The words on the list have a sound or spelling pattern in common, thus highlighting the pattern which then becomes easier to recognize and apply in reading and writing. Students are not quizzed on the weekly words and they do not have to memorize or practice spelling these words. Here’s more information:
In brief: Studies have shown that spelling tests and memorization don’t support development of spelling skills or the understanding of word meanings.
On the other hand, research has shown that systematic word study and phonics do support spelling, reading, and comprehension.
Our weekly work will reteach letter sounds and (later) spelling patterns from prior grade levels, using words that are appropriate for 4th grade and in a context that is meaningful and allows students to use the words in various ways. 
Providing the words we are working with each week on the front of the homework gives you a peek into the classroom. The following week you will see a couple of pages of work that use the current words/spelling pattern we are exploring so that students can review. 
I hope this shines some light on our word work practices this year in E-2! Please reach out with suggestions, comments, or questions, either here at the blog or at

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