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Summer Skills June 5-August 12, 2015

What can you do this summer to stay in shape for next year and a new grade?

Practice your skills:
-30-90 minutes every day
-20-30 minutes at a time
-at the Same Times every day

What skills do you need to practice?
-Reading Basic Skills-Letters, Sounds, Blending, Reading Aloud, Understanding, and Retelling
-Reading for Fun
-Any skill that was harder for you this year

How to Practice?
-Get a workbook
-Read, read, read
-Talk with adults
-Write, write, write
-Do a little
-Do it every day!

Favorite WebLinks:

Olinder Elementary School


PBS Kids Writer’s Contest

San Jose Area Writer’s Project Young Writer’s Camps

PBS Loop Scoops (video)

Time for Kids/Environment

Science for Kids

Storybooks online

Reading Games-PBS Kids

Book Adventure-Free Reading Program

Math Arcade

Math Games-PBS kids


Lakeshore Learning Children’s Activity Books

East Carnegie Library Hours and Information

King Library Hours and Information

San Jose Public Library Kids’ Page

San Jose Library Summer Reading Challenge!!

Have a wonderful, interesting summer! We will see you next year!!

Ms. Tatge & Ms. Seyan :o)


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