Field Trip Reminder

September 20, 2022

Good evening families,

Tomorrow will be the first of eight BioSite field trips your child takes this school year. Thank you for signing your child’s field trip form and having them turn it in!

Here is some information plus a few guidelines so you and your child are prepared.

–Students should wear sturdy shoes and clothing that can be layered- items that you are not too worried about – tomorrow.

–Each student has been paired with one or two students form our class and placed in one of twelve field group. Your child can expect to be with this partner and group for the year.

–Lunch will be at Reed, but at 12:15 instead of 12:45. Students will eat either their own or a regular SJUSD provided lunch from the cafeteria. During this time, every student will be reminded to use the restroom as there are no indoor restrooms at the field trip site. 

–We may have to sit 3 to a seat on the bus. Remind students to be patient with each other!

–Students will not be bringing backpacks, water bottles, lunch boxes, or other items on the bus or to the field trip site.  Personal effects will remain at Reed.

–We will return to Reed just before the end of the school day. Students may expect to go home or after school groups shortly after we return.

We have a great class. I think they will impress the student teachers, have a wonderful time, and learn a lot. Families, be sure to ask all about the field trip Wednesday night!


Ms Seyan

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