Field Trip Reminder, New Academics, and Scholastic books!

September 19, 2022

Hi Families,

A few quick reminders for this week:

–The first BioSite field trip of the year will take place during the afternoon of Wednesday, September 21st. Staff and students will take two buses to the site, which is the creek bed behind Pioneer High School. No chaperones needed. Permission slips are, however! Please have your child return their form, signed by you, Wednesday morning at the latest! That being said, if they turn in the form after Wednesday, they are good for the remaining BioSite trips this year, but will stay on campus Wednesday.

–This week we are starting Origo Module 2, where students practice rounding and estimating with larger numbers and delve more deeply into multiplication facts. In ELA, we are working on the short e spelling pattern, growing our reading stamina by reading for longer periods of time, practicing the steps of Close Reading nonfiction (particularly social studies) texts, and writing personal narrative. We will have a personal narrative pre-test shortly, probably by the end of this week. In Social Emotional Learning, we are working on setting SMART goals, working with others in the classroom, and class procedures! All students in the class use Dreambox weekly, and we are all still taking time for Istation as the class isn’t quite ready for small group work yet.

–We have a Scholastic books account, and a fantastic family helper. Thank you, Mrs. Blomseth! Flyers and a short note with our online login code will go home with Thursday envelopes this week. Exciting!!

Thank you for your attention! As always, please reach out with your questions, comments, and concerns at


Ms Seyan

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