Picture Day, Drill, Spelling Words, and Procedures

September 13, 2022

Dear Families,

Here are a few quick updates about your child’s 4th grade class at Reed:

Picture Day is tomorrow, Wednesday, September 14th. Our class is scheduled to take their pictures at 10:45 AM, but that could change depending on how it goes! For ordering, our school Picture Day ID on mylifetouch.com is: EVT4TM7TT.

-Reed will hold a Hun, Hide, Defend drill on Thursday, September 14. We will not have to create barricades. However, STUDENTS MUST BE SILENT DURING THE DRILL. Even if Mr Ramezane comes to our door and makes a comment, students are to remain silent. Please work with your child on this important point. Thank you! 

-Procedures: We have been working very hard on class procedures, and will continue to review, model, and practice until good classroom and study habits are the norm! The extra effort now will pay off later in the year, when students are attentive through a lesson and can work together productively in groups. This week, we will work on basic procedures such as moving from our seats to the carpet quietly, sitting and focusing on instruction while on the carpet, and what to do when you hear one of our class’ callbacks (respond, eyes on the teacher, voices off). 

– Here is some information on the homework, in case you were wondering about the  Spelling Words: 

…Studies have shown that spelling tests and memorization don’t support development of spelling skills or the understanding of word meanings.

Providing the words we are working with each week on the front of the homework gives you a peek into the classroom. The following week you will see a couple of pages of work that use the current words/spelling pattern we are exploring so that students can review. 

Please check the blog at https://msseyan.com/links-and-resources/ for more information about the Spelling Words. 

Thank you for your attention!  Please reach out with any suggestions, comments, or questions via email at sseyan@sjusd.org.

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