That’s a Good Question! 1

May 18, 2013

Today, Danny asked how DVDs work.

Essentially, CDs and DVDs are made of shiny plastic that is like a mirror. Many little cuts are made in the plastic, and a very small, bright light called a laser is shined against the surface of it. The CD or DVD machine “reads” the cuts and translates them into information, such as pictures, sound, or words.

Here are three links that might help you understand a bit better. The reading level is pretty high; I bet an adult can help you with the words.

San Diego Public Library Information Site

How Stuff Works: CDs

How Stuff Works: DVDs

For a kids’ version of how CDs work, try the BrainPop web site. You will have to register for a free trial to watch their video, but if your parents say it’s OK, it is definitely worth a look!


Thanks for asking, Danny!

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