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That’s a Good Question! 1

May 18, 2013

Today, Danny asked how DVDs work.

Essentially, CDs and DVDs are made of shiny plastic that is like a mirror. Many little cuts are made in the plastic, and a very small, bright light called a laser is shined against the surface of it. The CD or DVD machine “reads” the cuts and translates them into information, such as pictures, sound, or words.

Here are three links that might help you understand a bit better. The reading level is pretty high; I bet an adult can help you with the words.

San Diego Public Library Information Site

How Stuff Works: CDs

How Stuff Works: DVDs

For a kids’ version of how CDs work, try the BrainPop web site. You will have to register for a free trial to watch their video, but if your parents say it’s OK, it is definitely worth a look!


Thanks for asking, Danny!

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May 6-10, 2013

Computer lab:

1.  Click on this link: http://www.a-home-for-wild-birds.com/milk-jug-bird-feeder.html, and visit a site that tells you about a project we will do this afternoon.

When you are done looking at that page, click the “Back” button and come back here.

2. Next, close your browser window and open KidsPics to create your Mother’s Day card. Be sure to include your name and some words for your mother, like: Happy Mother’s Day, I Love You!, or You’re The Best!

Remember to ask me to check your work before you print it.

This week’s Spelling Words:

science, compost, reduce, reuse, recycle, water, animal, Earth, pollution, air, land, soil, worms, garbage, weather

Field Trips:

1. Wednesday, May 8, 2013: San Jose Museum of Art, 2-Part Art 10:00-1:30

2. Friday, May 10, 2013: Walden West/ Sobrato Center, Life Cycles 9:00-1:30

Permission slips must be signed by parents or adult guardians and completed on both sides. We need 5 chaperones for each trip. Chaperones will ride the light rail to the museum and/or the bus to Walden West with the class.

Science Project: Milk Jug Bird Feeders

On Monday afternoon, we will work in groups to make bird feeders out of recycled milk jugs. As we work on the jugs, I want you to think about these questions:

1. Will putting bird food in the Carson Garden affect the birds’ environment? How?

2. Will having food more available in their environment affect the birds’ life cycles? How?

3. How does making the milk jugs into bird feeders affect the jugs’ life cycle? Did you think plastic milk jugs had life cycles??!!??

It’s International Compost Awareness Week! This Friday, your class will be visiting Walden West and learning about compost. Here are two links to get you interested:

Posters designed by kids: http://compostingcouncil.org/posters/

‘Vermi the Worm” game: http://www.calrecycle.ca.gov/Vermi/Game/menu.html





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Milk Jug Bird Feeder Project

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May 5, 2013 · 11:41 pm