May 21-24, 2013

Computer Lab:
1. Go to RenPlace and take the 25 question STAR Reading test-the last one of the year!
2. When you finish that, please go to Lexia for the rest of the period.


Spelling Words:
vibration, hearing, volume, low, air, high, pitch, deaf, vibrates, ear, soft, sound, measure, vibrate, loud


Special Events:
This week we will be taking Fluency tests at the back table while the rest of the class reads, or watches “Horton Hears a Who”. In addition, we will lake the last High Frequency Word written test of the year, on words 176-200. Last but not least, some of our friends are auditioning for the Talent Show!


Exciting Stuff:
Next week the Second Graders will be going on their annual field trip to Meadows Park. We teachers are hoping to plan some exciting things for you to do! Permission slips and chaperone forms will go home Thursday.

If you are interested in learning more about this week’s science or vocabulary, we have some links for you:

eWord Game reviews words from “Moses Goes to a Concert”

This “Science Kids at Home” page gives you a little more information on the science of sound.

If you like reading nonfiction, you go go to the EduPlace site and check out Weekly reader articles for every grade level. The articles don’t always have pictures and they tend to be short. My personal favorite is “The Coldest Place On Earth”. 

Finally, if you want to try sound experiments at home, check out this website: SimiScience “Crackling Noise”.

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