Funky Nests in Funky Places

The Cornell University Lab of Ornithology is holding a contest to help kids celebrate birds this Spring! Here is the information from their website:


Have you noticed any bird nests in your neighborhood? Peek in a hanging flower basket, a street light, a store sign, your barbecue grill, an old boot, or under a bridge! Birds build nests in the strangest places!

Be creative! Take a photo, create some artwork, shoot video, write a story or a poem, or create a sculpture. Just show a bird’s nest built in some out-of-the-way or out-of-this-world place.

Contest Dates: May 1 – June 15!


A huge thanks to Fujifilm Digital Cameras and Optical Devices, Celestron, and Pennington. Prizes include binoculars, cameras, bird guides, bird feeders, bird apps, posters, books, bird sound cds, and an iPad!

Other links on the site lead to information on how to find nests, how to help birds, and myths and FAQs about nests. Click on this link to learn more:!




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