May 28-31, 2013 and June 3-7, 2013

Computer Lab-per availability:

1. Go the RenPlace site and take the STAR Math Test. Use your paper and pencil, and take your time!

2. Practice your Math facts in a Flash until it’s time to go!

Spelling Words:

closing, saving, loved, raced, joked, waving, taped, saved, erased, raising, pasted, voted, glued, gluing, surprised.


This week, we will complete the Math End Of Year Test, the Language Arts End of Year Test, the last few Fluency Tests, and the group reports on Butterflies. We will share last week’s writing with the class. We will also write another friendly letter to go in our files and to show what we really know about writing letters. Last but not least, we will do an in-class Reader’s Theater workshop rendition of “Life Cycles” IF the class displays the motivation and interest. Per response, it may end up being an extension project for students who don’t require review.

Special Events:

Class Picnic-Thursday, May 30th. 9:30-1:30. Bring a lunch! More information to follow.

Art Lesson-Mrs. Matuk’s last lesson, Friday, May 31st, at 12:30.

May Birthdays-Party on Friday, May 31st, at 1:50. Happy birthday Chloe, Tammy, and Jakob!

(Next Week)

Talent Show-Tuesday, June 4th. We will bring our chairs to the blacktop and enjoy our schoolmates’ performance!

Teacher-5th Grade Kickball Game-Tuesday, June 4th.  Come cheer on your favorite teachers and/or 5th graders!

June/Summer Birthdays-Wednesday, June 5th, 1:50-2:22. Happy Birthday Livana, Katelyn, Janine, Miguel, Hatziry, Monica, Huey, Roberto, Alexa, and Grant!

5th Grade Graduation-Thursday morning, June 6th. We will sit on carpet squares in the amphitheater.

Our Class Graduation-after lunch, in our room. Great job this year, A-3 All-Stars!

Last Day of School-June 7th, 12:52 p.m. Dismissal

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May 27, 2013 · 10:00 pm

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