May 13-17, 2013

Computer Lab:

1. Take this survey (a kind of quiz where every answer you give is the right one). Type in your answers and then click to go to the next page.

2. Play the Vermi the Worm game to connect with what you learned at Walden West.

3. Do Math facts in a Flash until it’s time to go back to class.

Spelling Words:

This week you get to choose your Spelling Words! Pick the 15 most challenging words from your list and work with those this week. There will not be a Spelling Test on Friday.


This week, we are working on a project that will show what we’ve learned and share it with others. Details to follow!  

Special Events:

This is Spell-A-Thon Week. We took the test on Monday and will take home the tests on Wednesday. The Spell-A-Thon itself is on Friday. Winners from our class TBA!

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