Walden West Field Trip

May 12, 2013

On Friday, our class visited The Abby Sobrato Center at Walden West. We reviewed the stages of the life cycle- birth, growth, death, and decay. We later looked under a microscope at insects in different stages of their life cycle, and compared their shapes, sizes, and attributes. In addition, we went on a nature walk to look for insects in  their own habitat and observed all the different stages of the life cycle, including decay and death. Finally, we thought about trash, and created a “Trash Timeline” that illustrated how long it takes for different types of garbage to turn back to soil on their own.

Our goals were to apply our knowledge of life cycles by connecting with examples in nature, and to think about our effect on their world around us by reconsidering something big that we don’t think about much.

We missed watching some videos due to technical difficulties at the site. As long as you have the correct video player on your computer, you will be able to watch videos, including “Magazines” and “Juice Boxes”,  on this site: PBS Kids Loop Scoops.

We are going to think about all that we learned when we plan and write a report about it on Monday morning! See you then!

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