Last Week for After School Group!

February 9, 2016

February 8th-10th will be the final three days of this session of our After School Group (ASG).

A new group will start right after Winter Break; the first day of the new ASG will be Monday, February 22.

Some of you will be in the new group, and some of you will “graduate”. You will find out tomorrow!

Here are the sites you can visit during your Preferred Activity time in class:


Enjoy!! šŸ™‚




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January 11-15, 2016

Students in the after school group will do Lexia, Dreambox, and typing in addition to written skill builders and small group work. Please follow teacher directions for each day to find out what your assignment is.

Friday, January 15th was Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday. I am sure many of you are learning about this important American in your classes. This week, you have the opportunity to listen to his most famous speech during your group time!

Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech

Video: “The Man Who Changed America”

Photographs and Biographical Essay on National

Typing Resources:

Those of you with fewer Lexia minutes per week need to be working on typing skills for your in-class writing assignments as well as for the SBAC in the Spring! Please click on the following link for online typing activities to practice with:

Typing Games Online

Finally, remember that there’s no school on Monday in observance of the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. We will be back in class on Tuesday, January 19th!















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After School Group

December 16, 2015

Students in the After School Group will be doing Lexia, Dreambox, Lexia Skillbuilders, and small group lessons with the teacher. When a student has finished their work for the day, they may visit our class’ blog and choose an activity for themselves. On Tuesdays, students have the opportunity to play games of choice that are NOT listed below, such as

Each student has an individual plan for time spent in Lexia, in small groups, and in doing independent work. Thus, choice time will vary…except on Tuesday, when all students are allowed an extra 10 minutes of choice time.


Choice Sites for Students Who Complete Daily Work:

Math Facts in a Flash (requires log in)

Typing Club

PBS Kids Engineering Games

Choice Sites for Tuesdays ONLY:


Animal Jam






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After School Group

December 15, 2015 UPDATE:

Here are three more sites you may visit on Wednesday after you finish Lexia and Dreambox:

Typing Club

Easy Reading Passages on Starfall

JumpStart Reading Games

November 23, 2015

Remember that this week, we will be meeting from 2:22-3:15 on Tuesday, and Wednesday is cancelled. Enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend!


Carson Adaptive Learning Links

Book Adventure

RenPlace for Accelerated Reader, Math Facts in a Flash

The below sites are for home use or during After SchoolĀ  Group Preferred Time ONLY:

PBS Kids

5th Grade Games on FunBrain

Animal Jam










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Mouse and Touch Pad Practice

Kindergartners and First Graders need to practice using a computer mouse. Older students need to practice using a touch pad! Here are some sites that will help you improve your skills if you practice with them:

Click on the underlined words to go to another fun page.

Starfall ABCs

Magic Paint

Baby Roseā€™s Eyes

Catch the Squirrel

Feed the Monster

Extra Credit: Click on colors and drag them to the Teddy Bear picture to color the bear!

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Summer Skills June 5-August 12, 2015

What can you do this summer to stay in shape for next year and a new grade?

Practice your skills:
-30-90 minutes every day
-20-30 minutes at a time
-at the Same Times every day

What skills do you need to practice?
-Reading Basic Skills-Letters, Sounds, Blending, Reading Aloud, Understanding, and Retelling
-Reading for Fun
-Any skill that was harder for you this year

How to Practice?
-Get a workbook
-Read, read, read
-Talk with adults
-Write, write, write
-Do a little
-Do it every day!

Favorite WebLinks:

Olinder Elementary School


PBS Kids Writer’s Contest

San Jose Area Writer’s Project Young Writer’s Camps

PBS Loop Scoops (video)

Time for Kids/Environment

Science for Kids

Storybooks online

Reading Games-PBS Kids

Book Adventure-Free Reading Program

Math Arcade

Math Games-PBS kids


Lakeshore Learning Children’s Activity Books

East Carnegie Library Hours and Information

King Library Hours and Information

San Jose Public Library Kids’ Page

San Jose Library Summer Reading Challenge!!

Have a wonderful, interesting summer! We will see you next year!!

Ms. Tatge & Ms. Seyan :o)


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March Reading Madness!!!

Extended Day Links and School News for March

The Olinder March Madness reading campaign has started strong! It is exciting to see the coins piling up in cauldrons all across the campus!!

Remember that every class that meets their grade level reading goal will win free dress passes and participate in the dance party! SO-KEEP READING!!!

leprechaun-gold-inverted[1] copy

Carrillo Coins

Mrs. Carrillo’s Class’ Pot with a tally chart to keep track of who is reading.

Tan Tournament

Ms. Tan’s class is having a Reading Tournament, but not the kind with jousting-more like the brackets in basketball. Exciting!!

Extended Day Links for March

San Jose Public Library Kids Page

Homework Help through the Public Library

San Jose Public Library Kids’ Games page

PBS Kids Reading Games


Storyline onlineĀ  – books read aloud for you

Kids Science– the government website

Learn facts about the U.S. states

Postcard Adventure

State Stumper

Book Adventure

Math Playground

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