CAASPP Continues, BioSite Wednesday, and Fund Raising

May 1, 2023

Dear E-2 families,

I can’t believe May is here! I feel like this has been the quickest year ever. ;o)

Just a few updates today:

•CAASPP testing continues this week with the Math CAT on Tuesday and Performance Task on Wednesday. Please remind your child to charge their Chromebook each night, sleep well, and eat breakfast before they come to school. 

The tests are untimed, and students have as many opportunities as they need to complete them. Makeup sessions continue throughout this week at minimum for students who haven’t completed the assessments or who have been absent. 

•Fourth graders return to BioSite on Wednesday, May 3rd (yes, after the Math PT) for their last visit of the year. We do need parent drivers! If you are available and willing, please reach out to me at 

•We started fundraising for next year’s Science Camp with a collaboration with the San Francisco Giants; next is chocolate sales. A message form Mrs. Slaugh:

“4th grade families,

To get a jump start on fundraising for next year’s Science Camp we are going to sell World’s Finest Chocolates from May 15th-June 1st. We would like your support in this endeavor. We were hoping that each student could sell between 2-4 boxes of chocolate. Each box has 60 bars at $2.00 each. All the money raised will be shared equally and will go towards reducing the Science Camp costs for ALL 4th graders. We will be sending home a permission slip sometime this week.


A final note: The Unhomework this week is for information and entertainment purposes and I do not expect it back on Friday! That said, if your child would like me to check it or display the art, they may certainly turn it in!

That’s it for now! Families, please reach out anytime with your suggestions, comments, concerns, or questions. 


Ms. Seyan

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