ArtSpark Chaperones Needed

Dear E-2 Families,

On Wednesday, March 22nd, Reed’s Fourth Graders will attend an ArtSpark field trip hosted by Symphony San Jose. Here’s more information, that was not on the field trip form:

“Music happens across time, so it makes sense that musicians have a kind of language about time that enables them to read music and then perform it. ‘It’s About Time’ will explain some of this language and help open the door to musical understanding for you and your students.”

The field trip form indicated that chaperones were not needed for this trip-but we can take 15 parents with us. The caveat? Adult family members need to be set up with San Jose Unified School District per SJUSD’s regulations. Read more here:

I would love to have five E-2 family members chaperone our trip. It means so much to your children. If you are already a registered volunteer or will be able to get yourself set up before the 22nd, AND would like to chaperone this trip, please get in touch with me ASAP at or by calling 408.535.6247 x. 37143. 

Thank you, families!

Ms. Seyan

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