Conference Updates

November 1, 2022


There is an updated, view-only copy of the conference schedule with a conference time for all E-2 families included. If your day or time will not work for you, please let me know at least a day ahead of schedule so I can respond and keep my other conferences running smoothly.

Please look for an email from me with your conference day and time. You may let me know if there are any changes by replying there.

I look forward to meeting with you all, whether in person or online!

School Schedule Next Week:

Reed Elementary will observe minimum days for conferences next week. School will start at 9:05 and students will be dismissed for the day at 1:01 PM on Monday, November 7th through Thursday, November 10th.

There is no school Friday, November 11th in observance of the Veteran’s Day holiday.

Class News:

Halloween was super fun with the Reed costume parade and a class party hosted by E-2 parent Julie Barrese with the support of parent Lenae Lukens. The crafts and activities provided really made an impression on the students. Thank you, generous parents!

We started music classes on Monday. The students did an awesome job of listening to their new music teacher and adapting to a new milieu and expectations. I could tell they were very much into it. I predict our fourth graders will get a lot out of music this year.

Academics and Social Emotional Learning:


While officially SJUSD 4th graders are moving into Informational reading and writing, we will finish up Narrative by next week.

We have been working through first drafts and early revisions where we focused on characterization. This week we will move toward more revision with an eye to developing a narrative arc, and start final drafts in Google Drive after conferring with a peer and responding to feedback.

We have already started Close Reading of informational text with some thematic readings and Social Studies text so we can move into the next Reading unit ahead of the game.

On Wednesday, our class will take the Istation ISIP monthly assessment.


We are mid way through Module 3, having spent more time practicing rounding and ordering larger numbers. Wednesday we delve into factors and multiples and will finish Module 3 with area and perimeter next week. Expect a module test and a unit test shortly thereafter.

Social Emotional Learning:

In addition to the Second Step curriculum, our class develops their inter- and intra-personal awareness through whole-class dialogue about routines and procedures, review of Reed ROCKS expectations, and experience with self-management practices such as “box” breathing, expressing gratitude, and responsibility for class jobs.

This week we have been evaluating our classroom bathroom procedures, trying new GoNoodles for focusing, and working on coloring a mandala for display in the class. Applying for new class jobs and moving seats are on the agenda for later this week.

Thank you for your attention! As always, please reach out at at any time.

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