Assignment for the C3WP After School Group, May 4-8, 2020

May 4, 2020

Hi, C3WP-ers!

Back in January we started learning about the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. In addition to learning about how viruses spread and how we can stay healthy during an outbreak, we had the chance to peek into life in quarantine through the “eyes” of an Amazon drone flying over Wuhan, China during their lock down in January 2020. Below is the video Noah requested during class, if you’d care to revisit it. As you watch, remember that about 11 million people live in the city of Wuhan – that’s 10 times the population of San Jose.

We also analyzed the relative impact of flu vs. COVID -19. Aarohan applied his analysis skills when he made the claim that COVID-19 was of more concern than the flu, because A. we know very little about the new coronavirus, and B. more people die of it when they get it than die of the flu. I also know Diego was listening when we discussed the Spanish flu epidemic that occurred around the time of World War I. If you’ve been watching the news, you may notice that networks have been discussing the patterns of the Spanish Flu outbreak. There was a “second wave”, more virulent than the first, that came the following winter. Some experts use the Spanish Flu outbreak as a template for what might happen with COVID-19, and are anticipating a second coronavirus outbreak next fall or winter.

You knew more about COVID-19 than many adults did when the Shelter in Place started in March. This week, we will expand our knowledge when we explore how illness spreads from a mathematical perspective in the “It’s Okay To Be Smart” video from PBS titled, “What this chart actually means for COVID-19”.

1. View the Power Point presentation of our lessons for the week.
2. Complete a “Would Your Rather” prompt Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (or any 3 days you can).
3. Read the instructions in the Power Point before watching the video.
4. Follow the instructions for each time you view the video-for example, the first time you watch it, get an overview and tell someone about it. The second time, learn a fact you didn’t before, etc.
5. Post your answers to the questions in the “Reply” field below.
6. When you finish all three tasks for the video, complete your Exit Ticket and write it in ‘”Reply” field below.

Have a wonderful week!
Ms. Seyan :o)

Lesson For May 4-8, 2020

“It’s Okay To Be Smart” video “What is Really Means to flatten the Curve”


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