Extended Day Links: January-February 2015

Note to Extended Day and Homework center students: The only links you may use on campus are those from the current blog entry, “Extended Day Links: January-February 2015”. Please look at the rest of our Olinder Learning Center site from home or the San Jose Public Library! Thank you. :o)

Martin Luther King Jr.

“I have a Dream” Speech-Audio

“I have a Dream” Poetry generator

MLK Article with photographs

Think you know it all about Martin Luther King? Try this quiz!

When you are done with LEXIA….more choices for students (note: many require Flash Player, and won’t be tablet-friendly):

San Jose Public Library– Kids’ games

Scholastic Story Starters-inspire your writing!

National Geographic Kids -games require Flash, readings and pictures do not!

Kids’ News-nonfiction articles on a variety of topics.

Cool Math 4 Kids- challenge yourself.

Loop Scoops videos- What is your impact on the environment?

Environmental Awareness- “Loop Scoops” references page

eWord Games -vocabulary games from your textbook stories, for all grades!

Use AR Bookfinder to find out if the book you are reading has an AR quiz

Great sites that anyone can enjoy are found on THIS PAGE.

Enjoy your Web Browsing! 🙂

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