Back to School and Getting Ready for Third Grade!

July 22, 2014

Dear Former A-3 All Stars,

The first day of school is August 13. You will be Third Graders! Take a moment to think about all you accomplished last year…

Now, remember the movie we watched at the end of the year called “Meet The Robinsons”? Do you remember what Wilbur said to Lewis? “Keep moving forward.” And do you remember the Walt Disney quote at the bottom of your graduation certificate? It said, “Keep moving forward.” And that is what WE are going to do. We are all going to Keep Moving Forward!

This school year, I am going work at a school named Olinder Elementary. I will be a teacher, but instead of having a classroom, I will go to other teacher’s classes and do Guided Reading with their kids! Exciting! I will also spend lots of time in the computer lab, watching Olinder students work on Lexia and making sure they don’t get stuck-especially on the vowel combinations. Although I will miss you guys very much, I am really excited about my new job!

What will you be doing next year, you may ask? I can tell you a few things: You will be in Mrs. Cornish or Mrs. McMillan’s class. You will spend lots of time in the computer lab, working on Lexia and also learning how to type! The reading will be harder, and you will have to type reports you write on a computer. If you were excited about Multiplication, there’s a lot of it in Third Grade, along with three-digit addition and subtraction, fractions, and measurement. Near the end of the year you will, with the fourth and fifth graders, take a big test on iPads or Chrome Books that will show how much you’ve learned all year. That is just a sample of what you will be doing in Third Grade.

Now is the time to get ready for Third Grade, to make sure that you are prepared for the challenges ahead. Please look at the ideas and links I am posting here, and do all you can to start thinking about your 2014-2015 school year-and even beyond! (Have you started thinking about college yet?? )

Next year, you will find this site may change a little bit. I may post things for the Olinder kids on this main page. If you still want to check back, you can. Links you liked and other cool stuff will be on the “Carson” page. Click on the Carson tab when you come to ms. seyan (dot) com to visit!

Have a fantastic year!

Yours truly,

Ms. Seyan :o)

Getting Ready for Third Grade

1. Read every day for 20 minutes.

2. Spend 10-20 minutes writing (and drawing, if you like) about what you did that day. In the same way we sometimes wrote about what we learned in class, you can write about what you saw, did, read, made, played…whatever happened, tell about it!

3. Try making up stories or books and illustrating them. Share with family and friends by reading aloud.

4. Check out this school district’s link to a math packet for kids entering Third Grade. It’s pretty hard to read-have an older sibling or adult family member read it to you, or even print it out! It explains what you will need to know next year, gives examples of Third Grade math problems, and even has a list of links for fun math pages!

5. Take your adult family member to Barnes and Noble or Lakeshore Learning to pick out a summer bridge book. Look for a book for kids entering Third Grade. If you get one, work on it for about half an hour every day until school starts.

6. Make sure you are going to bed early enough so that you can get up early for school! If you start now, it will be easier when school starts.

7. Visit some of our Parent News pages and practice on the links you used last year-especially if they were fun or challenging.

8. Get to know the standards for Third Grade. We have them for kids on this page. For adults there are separate pages for Math and Language Arts.

9. Check the San Jose Unified School District website for the school calendar and other information. It’s in English and Spanish, by the way.

10. Check the Carson School site for news -including about the new principal, and more!

Have a wonderful year!!!

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