Short Parent News, May 12-16, 2014

3 A-3 All-Star Reminders:


  1. PTA meeting tonight at 7:00, Tuesday, May 13th, in the Carson cafeteria. Please come! Dr. Vincent Matthews, San Jose Unified School District’s Superintendent, will be here to discuss the process of choosing next year’s principal with Carson parents. As you may know, Mrs. Doss is now the Director of Special Education, and will be leaving Carson at the end of the year. Again, please come tonight with all your questions about next year!
  2. Water in Class: Yes, please send water bottles along with your child. A-3 All –Stars may keep sealed (or opened, but sealable) bottles with clear water only on their desks to sip during the warm school days that remain in the year.
  3. Spell-a-Thon Fundraiser Pledge Forms went home today. If you, friends, or colleagues can pledge, that’s wonderful! Your child has decorated an envelope to hold the pledges you get. If you’re not interested in this fundraiser, that’s totally fine, too. We will ALL be taking the test in class, though! The Second Grade team chose 25 words from the list and we will be looking for students to join the 100% Club next week! One note: Pledges are due May 16th, 2014 and NOT May 9th, as it states on the yellow pledge form

Spelling Words


1.   hood

2. cook

3. look

4.   moon

5.   food

6. spoon

7. clue

8.   blue

9. glue

10. new

11. fruit

12. juice

13. proofread

14. cookbook

15. balloon

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