Flu Information from SJUSD

January 15, 2014

The peak flu season is usually January through March, and the H1N1 virus is on the rise in the United States. Protect your family from the flu! For San Jose Unified School District information about the flu, follow these links:

San Jose Unified School District Flu Fact Sheet

Key Facts About Influenza from the Centers For Disease Control

-For more information on flu prevention or for information in Spanish or Vietnamese, please call the Carson Office at (408) 535-6287.

And at home and in the classroom:

  • Send hand sanitizer to school with your child;
  • Encourage frequent hand washing;
  • Clean surfaces at home, such as telephone keypads, light fixtures, remote controls, and pencils or pens frequently.
  • Keep children home if they are sick! Students may be contagious one day before and 5-7 days after they feel sick with the flu. The district will be tracking absences where students have flu-like symptoms. Not only will keeping your child home keep other people healthier, but it helps the district study incidences of the illness and help prevent the flu’s spread.

The Second Grade Teachers hope that you and your families stay well this flu season!



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