For Students September 16-20, 2013

1. Log in to Renaissance Place -check your browser toolbar!-and practice your Math Facts in a Flash-start at “work at your current level”.  Practice and Test for 10 minutes. Your teacher will give you the signal when you can move on to another activity.

2. If you are ready for an A.R. Test or two, you may take them now.

3. If you go to Ms. Won’s class for Science and Social Studies, you have been learning about force and motion. Here is an easy online activity about pushing and pulling from Try it, even if you go to ELD or Computer lab instead!

4. This game is a bit more challenging to use, but you can try it here. It’s from

5. If you finish using both, you may visit PBS Kids-NOT Kidzpics or another website!

6. When the teacher gives the signal, click on the red dot on the top left of your browser window to close it, then click on the gray apple at the top of your computer screen. When you see the dropdown menu, look to the bottom and click on “Log Out (Student)”.



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