Second Grade Birthday Party Schedule!

Both Second Grade classes will have their monthly birthday parties together this year. We will pack up and meet for song and treats at the blue lunch benches by 2:00 P.M. on these dates:

September 27th   -for birthdays in August and September

October 31st         -for October birthdays

November 27th    -for November birthdays

December 20th    -for December birthdays

January 31st          -for January birthdays

February 28th       -for February birthdays

March 28th            -for March birthdays

April 25th               -for April birthdays

May 30th                -the Second Grade picnic will include a celebration for May, June, and July  birthdays


*Each class will supply their own treats, so bring 31 servings. You don’t need 60!!

*If a class has no birthdays in a particular month, they won’t attend the party. It’s no fun to watch other kids eat treats! That said, they might go out for free play to enjoy the party spirit, if not the snacks.

*Ms. Seyans’ class has a parent volunteer-Bella’s mom, Mrs. Ramos-who will coordinate with each month’s birthday people so that we have a variety of items and not too much for students to carry home. Those in Miss Won’s class may consult with the teacher and/or each other to make sure that everybody brings something different.

*If you choose to bring a treat on your child’s actual birthday instead of or in addition to the party day, please be advised that we will have your child hand the treat out at the end of the school day for their classmates to take home. San Jose Unified School District rules allow classrooms only one party with food per month-and they actually prefer healthy treats!

If you have any questions about our fabulous Second Grade Birthday Party Schedule, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher by phone, email, or in person!

Thank you!


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