For Students-Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Welcome to the Computer Lab!

1. Click on “RenPlace” on the gray toolbar if your browser is Safari, and “Welcome to…” on the gray toolbar if your browser is Firefox (Ms. Seyan hopes you are in Firefox).

2. Click on the blue “Student” button.

3. Enter your USER ID (HINT: It begins with “S”) in the first text box.

4. Click in or tab down to the second text box-the one on the bottom. Enter your PASSWORD (HINT: It’s your birthday, all in number form. It will have six digits in it.)

5. On the RenPlace home page, click on the words “Take a Test” under the blue STAR Reading button. It’s at the very the bottom. You will have to use the arrow keys or the scroll bar at the side of your screen to find it.

6. This will take you to another screen. When the screen says:

STAR Reading Student
Click Start to begin the test.
-click on START to begin.
7. Follow the directions on each page to complete the Practice Test and the the Test. This should take you 10-30 minutes.
8. If you finish before Computer Time is up, go to the eWord game for this week’s story and practice your vocabulary:

9. When time is up, Log Out Student and sit quietly until you are dismissed.



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