Second Grade Class Picnic!

May 29, 2013
Dear Families,

Tomorrow the Second Grade classes will take their annual class field trip to Meadows Park. Here are the main things you need to know:

1. Students MAY bring outdoor toys and games, such as frisbees, footballs, beach balls, bubbles, badminton, volleyball, mini golf, or anything else that facilitates safe, imaginative play.
a.Students MAY NOT bring any toy they ride or that has wheels, such as scooters, bicycles, or heelies.
2. Thank you for chaperoning! We may ask chaperones to help out at activity stations, walk with the classes to the park and back, and escort small groups of students to the Carson bathrooms, should they require it.
a. Activity stations will include areas for three games that students will rotate through in groups. We will need help setting up, supervising, and clearing away games.
b. Families may attend the picnic without signing on to help. We do appreciate the help, though!
3. Sunscreen cannot be applied by a teacher unless we have written permission of a parent or guardian.
a. Please apply sunscreen to your child’s skin in the morning, and send them to the picnic with a hat, if possible. If you come with us, you can reapply their sunscreen!
4. Bag lunches are required of all students. Please send your child to school with something they can carry to the park with them.
a. We will eat lunch with our homeroom classes.

Finally, here is a checklist of what you and/or your child needs for this field trip:
o Signed, complete (on both sides) Field Trip form
o Bag lunch that doesn’t require refrigeration
o Comfortable shoes
o Comfortable uniform they can play in
o Hat, if they have one
o Outdoor play items that are sturdy and don’t have wheels

We will leave Carson at around 9:30 Thursday morning, and plan to stay at Meadows Park until 1:30.
If you have other questions or concerns, please contact your child’s homeroom teacher.
Yours truly,
The Second Grade Teachers: Mrs. McMillan, Ms. Seyan, and Ms. Won

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