Spelling Bee

Students took home their Spelling Bee fundraiser packets today.  The Spelling Words include  San Jose Unified School District High Frequency Words and words from the National Spelling Bee list of study words for Second grade.

We will start working with the Spelling Words this week, and have class tests next week.

The two spellers who score highest in each class will participate in the school-wide Spelling Bee!

This is a fundraiser. Every class with a 100% pledge rate (every student in the class brings in a pledge, no matter how big or how small) will earn participation in a squirt gun party hosted by Mrs. Doss! Everybody wins. Please only ask friends and family when fundraising, and please don’t knock on any doors!

(Note: If you can get NO ONE to pledge, ask me. I will do it!)

For more resources about the National Spelling Bee or teaching your child Spelling, look below.

National Spelling Bee Students and Parents link

Ten Awesome Ways to Teach Spelling

A long Education.com article on teaching spelling

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