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For Parents

October 14-18, 2013

This week in class:

Language Arts:

Unit 2: “Good Readers Know What’s Important”


 Story: “Around the Pond: Who’s Been Here?”


 2.RF.4c: Use context to confirm and self-correct word recognition and understanding, rereading as necessary.



Spelling Words




1.   off

2.   spell

3.  tall

4.  pass

5.   all

6. hill

7. letter

8.   well

9. sell

10. pull

11. small

12. dress

13. boss

14. hello

15. less


 Language Arts Academic Vocabulary:


narrative, temporal, sequence


 Language Arts Domain Specific Vocabulary:


 close reading, reading strategies, text annotations




 Unit 3: Using Strategies for Subtraction


Purpose/Focus: This unit focuses on students developing an approach that considers context as well as a variety of strategies to solve problems of missing values in every position. Students should begin to habitually check their answers to problems to see if they make sense. ( SJUSD Division of Instruction, June 2013)


 2.NBT. 5 & 6 -Use properties of operations.

2. OA.1: Use drawings and equations to solve subtraction problems involving taking apart and taking from in all positions.


2.OA.2- Gain fluency with subtraction facts through 20


Standards for Mathematical Practice:


 MP4: “Model with mathematics. Understand this is a way to quantitatively and abstractly (able to decontextualize and contextualize). What number model could you construct to represent the problem? How would it help to create a diagram, graph, and table…? What are some ways to visually represent…? “(SJUSD Division of Instruction, June 2013)


 MP7:  “Look for and make use of structure. Look for the overall structure and patterns in mathematics. What observations do you make about…? What do you notice when…? What parts of the problem might you eliminate…., simplify…? What patterns do you find in…?” (SJUSD Division of Instruction, June 2013)

MP6: Attend to precision

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